Who puts the “care” in caregiving?

Making visible the ‘invisible patient’

There are 65.7 million caregivers in the U.S. alone. So why are caregivers still considered the “Invisible Patient”?  It feels like a significant portion of the population does not know what caregiving means, or who the caregivers of this nation are. But we intend to paint our portrait, starting this May.

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  1. As a caregiver myself, I can relate with your feeling of pride.
    To be able to bring to your child the gift of compassion for another person, even to the person that took care of them at one time. Is the biggest contribution one can give to another.
    My special son, has a lot of compassion toward me when I am not well. And there is times, when I am caring for my special son. That I see how he shows his concern for my well-being. I too am very proud of him for that! )))

  2. I’ve spent quite a lot of my life caring for others – now I’m being for, especially by my children – I have such a sense of pride, because they are really lovely, caring people – I’d like to think that they developed this way because of me – if so, this has been my greatest achievement. I certainly learned a lot from my experiences as a parent – and as a carer. It’s been hard, but it’s been worthwhile.


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