Caregiving means being exhausted.

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So, so exhausted.
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You’re being buried alive in paperwork

Or worse…you have to manage paperwork online

You have to learn everything in an instant

While juggling a million tasks

Sometimes you just can’t catch a break

And keeping on a happy face, no matter what

It feels like you’re running in circles

Did I mention tired?

It can be really isolating

So much of your social life is online

Sometimes people let you down

It changes the way you view the world

You’re ready for anything

So many things just don’t seem important anymore

But it’s also really beautiful

You learn to celebrate little victories

And people may not realize how much you do

But they appreciate it

And you know it’s worth it.

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Written by Michelle Daly

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  1. From the time your feet hit the floor in the morning til bedtime at night you are doing,running, appts, phone calls, dealing with ignorance.

  2. Nailed it, but I wouldn’t trade taking care of my beloved mother for anything.

  3. Caring for my husband for 15 yrs now. He has a form of muscular dystrophy. Nothing I do is right, good enough, etc. He has isolated me from any friends I’ve made and my family is all out of town. Always has a put down or snide comment for me. All he watches is Fox News and he thinks he is one of the hosts with the way he acts. It’s his way or no way. Monitors me like a hawk…phone calls, emails, etc. I feel like I am here only to serve him. No displays of affection. I just live day to day. Get more attention, appreciation and affection from the cat.

  4. Feels like- exhaustion, loneliness, doubt, frustration, depression, resentment, hostility and anger. Also feels like- love, pride, empowerment, confidence, joy, amusement, happiness, courage, and a complete sense of worth. I miss my boy, my Mikie every second. I still have these feelings, I will always have them. That fact makes me feel sad and happy at the same time.

  5. Like the last two years have been an all-nighter with a few nights mixed in when I took an hour or two nap. That’s what caregiving feels like, from a physical perspective that is. I’m happy to serve my mother but it’s tough and those who can/should help do not.

  6. It sucks constant worry and stress and exhaustion. Not having any peace of mind. But we do what we must to take care of our loved ones

  7. As bad as it was, I’d rather have my mother here with me. She died 12 weeks ago after my caring for her at home. She had and died from Alzheimers disease. But she was amazing.

    • Sorry for your loss.
      I too care for Mom with Alzheimer’s..Dad is 80 and together we are trying to care for her at home. Diagnosed 5 years ago…seems like so much longer to me. Very stressful and tiring job but I wouldn’t change my desicion. Peace to you…

  8. I took care of my husband for 16 years after his stroke. I just lost him. It had many challenges but I would do it again in a minute.

  9. Taking care of my hubby since 2007.. stroke , open heart and many other issues.. I love taking care of him ..
    yes it’s challenging and I get tired and sometimes just exhausted but we take it a day at a time ..
    We laugh a lot about things that happen Day to day..
    The biggest challenge is with the case workers in hospitals and nursing homes who try to rush patients out too soon .. and doctors (hospitalists ) who also send patients out too soon ..
    then you are in a revolving door in and out of the hospital and nursing homes and if you’re lucky you finally make it home..

    The Medicare 100 day paid nursing home stay (Re-Hab ) is not good

    Also needing a 3 day hospital stay before you can go to a nursing home to get rehab ..

    Now we have found there are inpatient Re Hab hospitals where you don’t have to meet either of those criterias . But you still have to be assessed and qualify by the hospitals..

    Also the cut off of home health physical therapy is usually too soon ..

    I’m sure many of you are familiar with these issues too..
    These are issues that cause unneeded stress to a caregiver ..

    If a patient would get the needed care long enough he or she would spend less time in a nursing home Re Hab or hospital ..

    There seems to be a disconnect between the ones that make these rules and the patients that need the services..

  10. I’m exhausted and my life has been on hold for fours years can’t leave the house without having a sitter

    • Here too,going on 14 years.

  11. Rollercoaster of lows and lower lows sprinkled with some moments of joy.

  12. It’s exhausting but I love my Mom and she wants to be home so I do what needs done and pray a lot!

  13. It is very hard , emotional but so rewarding to know you are able to help them..

  14. It sweet, it is hard and it is doing what has to be done. It is a thankless job for the most part but one that has to be done.

  15. omg i am so exhausted, i go to bed exhausted, i get up exhausted. 30 yrs in. someone was telling about a book on tape and i thought omg my mind is so full i couldn’t hear a book lol

  16. It is exhausting, but then again it is so worth it!. Being a full time caregiver the last six months for my parents has definitely changed my perspective about things & life. Yes I feel guilty every time I get a break. Even though it’s hard to leave, when I get home for a respite I really appreciate the break. Even though I’m constantly thinking of them while I’m away. I still talk to my dad, two to three times a day.☺️

  17. cute way to show our lives! but i love gifs!!

  18. Does anyone feel guilty when they do get time to themselves?


  20. i can for sure relate…

  21. When you feel like you cannot go go on anyway. Caregiving is not a job for all…but for the few selfless ones who refuse to give up!! Prayers for strength to get thru your days and nights!! <3

  22. Exhaustion is an understatement … Sleep comes hit and miss ~
    You learn to get through each day with a complete muddled brain, and a body drained to weakness.

  23. This sums it up nicely . social life is on-line— outings consist of following
    A. pharmacies
    B. doctors
    C. lab test
    E. marathon day of paying bills
    F. food that cannot be delivered
    3. grocery delivery…
    4. occasional visit from family..

  24. Love this! We could all use a bit of humor and this is also very accurate based upon my experiences.


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