Volunteering for the Caregiver in Need: Losta Helping Hands Launches Open Communities

And I’m proud to be a part of those communities. While I am involved with advocating for caregivers and helping them online, I’ve wanted to help caregivers person-to-person for a long time. But, until recently, I didn’t know of a service that could coordinate volunteers with caregivers in need. So with oh-so-perfect timing, Lotsa-Helping-Hands launched their “Open Community” model of care. I signed up immediately. I searched for Open Communities within 10 miles of my zip code and found three caregivers in the area looking for assistance. I’m not sure yet what I can offer but I hope I can offer something! Even if it’s an hour of respite care, picking up groceries, or helping around the apartment. I deeply care about caregivers’ well-being so I am very grateful that Losta Helping Hand’s Open Communities facilitate the connection of volunteer to caregiver.

Lotsa Helping Hands Infographic

Lotsa Helping Hands powers free online caring communities that provide tools to organize daily life during times of medical crisis or caregiver exhaustion. We host more than 60,000 Private Communities that are hard at work supporting caregivers around the world, and we’ve recently launched an Open Community model to connect caregivers, individuals, and families who need help with those who want to lend a helping hand.

Written by Alexandra Axel
Alexandra Axel was the first founding staff member at The Caregiver Space. As a New York native, Allie grew up people-watching and story-collecting, eventually pursuing her undergraduate degree from The College of New Jersey in sociology and creative writing. At The Caregiver Space, she worked with social media, graphic design, blogging, and program development to brand and grow an online community composed of, and focused on, caregivers. From the seedlings of an idea to the thriving community that it is today, Allie was there from the beginning to support the evolution of The Caregiver Space. Allie enjoys writing poetry and short fiction, devouring books, biking, crafting, urban agriculture and imperfectly cooking. She currently resides in Brooklyn with her pup, Hen.

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  1. As usual went on there and there was no one in my community helping caregivers. And if you do not have any others to help, then what is the point of using the site?

  2. any community here in Elmira ny I have a 26 yr old mentally challenged and cp adult child 24/7 thanks

  3. I’m absolutely thrilled that you are banding together to help each other – that person-to-person contact is vital to help the carer feel wanted and cared for. Unfortunately, I live in England, but I’m quite happy to be in touch online if anyone wants to contact me. Much love to you all – you’re such brave people. Val Sherren


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