Valentine’s Day can be a hard day for caregivers, especially when the one you’re caring for is the one you love. Steve made a big deal about this holiday—one card was never enough—it had to be at least five and I’d always have a big packet for him. Once he was too sick to go out alone, we’d take a walk on Valentine’s Day to a card store and he’d hand me cards he would have gotten. When it got to the point where he was sending someone else to buy cards for him to give me, I told him it was only another day and I knew he loved me—with or without the cards. Now that Steve is gone, I have a folder full of cards he’d given me over the years. I don’t need to be reminded, really. It’s nice to know you’ve been loved well.

Written by Adrienne Gruberg
Adrienne Gruberg is a former family caregiver and founder of The Caregiver Space. After six years of caring for her late husband and mother-in-law she conceived of an online support space all caregivers could come to. Adrienne holds a BFA from Boston University. She founded AYA Creative in 1982, an award winning graphic design, marketing and advertising company. Her design training has helped shape the website and her personal and professional experience continues to inform and influence the caregiver centric support experience she has created at The Caregiver Space.

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  1. My son always gets me roses and says they are from his dad

  2. Turn off the tv. Turn off Hallmark movies and Lifetime TV for wimmen. Your life is not going to improve if you get a card or $100 bouquet of flowers.

  3. All holidays are hard. It’s something we get used to, dread at times, can’t wait for it to be over at times, but none the less, we must push through.

  4. Making heart shaped salmon patties and cherry pie. That is the extent of celebrating Valentines Day.

  5. any day can be hard. Valentines day is so much hype!! Love someone each day!!


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