What are the 5 words you never got to say to someone you love?
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As caregivers, we spend a lot of time with the person we’re taking care of. Sometimes that leads us to neglecting other relationships…and sometimes the time is never quite right to say what we’ve been meaning to say.

Here’s what our community members wish they could say to someone they love, in 5 words:

I got my bachelor’s degree. To my dad. Quitting school was the one thing about which I felt I’d let him down. – S.S.

I understand and forgive you. – S.L.

I’m sorry I hurt you. – T.M.

I value your love Mom. – S.S.

I love you so much. – K.E.

Why do you do this? My dad never calls or talks to me. What did I do wrong? – J.D.

Wish we had more time. – K.M.
If only I had known. – T.R.
Thanks for always being there. – P.V.

‘I love you’ to my dad…we never said this to each other. – J.E. & D.B.

“We finally planned our wedding-date” to my Nana, she helped raise me and passed on May 2nd 2015. She will not get to see get married. – D.Y.

You tried your best, Dad. – J.W.

I love you. I’m sorry. – F.H.

Thank you grandpa and grandma!!! – A.S.

You were always my hero. – C.R.

Thank you for raising me. – S.R.

I know you meant well. – P.C.

I wish I did more! – L.M.

Wish I could have helped. My close friend lost battle with addiction. K.C.

Goodbye I love you Grandpa! – D.S.

You were always my rock! (To my Daddy) – K.J

Thank you and I’m sorry. To my mom. – P.V.

Tell me your story, Grandpa. – C.H.

Please forgive me. I’m sorry. – B.P.

I’m taking you home now. – S.S.

Why didn’t you tell me? – K.K.

Your granddaughter is 21 today. – S.H.

I forgive you dad! – L.S.

You can let go now. – C.V.

Dad, you tried your best. – B.S.

You have changed my life (for the better) – A.Z.

You were my life, Garry. – S.N.

You’re the definition of cool! – S.R.

I love you. To a boyfriend that died in the Army. – E.H.

Sometimes we just can’t get it out in five…

I love you thank you for raising me I’m sorry I wasn’t appreciative and loving to you I should of listened to you about him I’m a good person because of you. – R.G.

Thanks Daddy for being the best!! I love you!! – J.R.

Where did you hide the money? – A.L.

I will love you always!! – S.L. & T.C.

I’ll love you till the end. – J.G.

What didn’t you get to say?

Share your 5 words on the forums.

Responses were lightly edited for grammar and punctuation. Read the original posts on Facebook.
Written by Cori Carl
As Director, Cori is an active member of the community and regularly creates resources for people providing care.

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  1. I just lost momma 30 March 2017. I took care of her 24/7. I have no regrets or unspoken words for she is with me everyday. I tell her I love her everyday.

  2. Thankyou for every sacrifice Papa

  3. Thanks for saving my life~
    Wish I could’ve saved yours~

  4. No words have been left unsaid. For that I am grateful!!

  5. I wish I had hugged her longer that last time. A piece of me really does live in heaven. Love you, Mum.

  6. I should have bent the Home Help Rules and taken you shopping that day. (Big regret)

  7. Four words that I regret not saying to my dying father because I was too scared..’I love you Μπαμπα μου.’ He hears this everyday now with our Mανουλα….Love you.I love you too.❤️❤️

  8. Always believe in God almighty.

  9. Thank you! Sweet Irish Woman☘️❤️

  10. Never wanted to let go ( My Mom)

  11. hmm. Never said it, and not really a loved one, but I always thought it: ‘You were one lousy parent.’ …. For my grandma, who I DID love: ‘Miss you every single day.’

  12. Sorry mum, I love you

  13. I must say that thanks to the Lord I told my parents how much I loved them and repeated it thousands of times. I may thanks God I was happy enough to told them I am so sorry I hurt you. Also I am glad I told them that on this life I was thankful to God by giving me the great present to have them as my parents. I am so sorry for those who never gave enough love to those who gave them the great treasure of the life. Even if your parents where not perfect you must thank God for their presence in your live just to be able to become the best man or women over the earth as to help them to correct their mistakes. Think about this. What is the purpose of your life if by being everything you thought was great in your life, you never got a charming touch of love with the persons who gave you the greatest present over the earth: your own life.

  14. Hello Cori,
    We have been reading several fascinating articles you have posted regarding life after fifty and wanted to see if you would be willing to help us with our project. Its called Remembering A Lifetime and is a way for people to create an audio archive of their family history. Please take a look at rememberingalifetime.com Any help with social media or blog mentions would be very helpful. You can message me back or email me at dboyd@rememberingalifetime.com , Thanks for your time, Daniel Boyd

  15. I forgive you.


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