the wind is his messenger

Psalms 104:4 “He makes winds his messengers…”

A confirmation for me

My quiet time is on my deck – my little corner of nature. Quiet time was limited to a few minutes, but I was able to find those at least once a day. Prayers were constant, but that was my “still/meditation/prayer” time.

For the first couple of years I cried out to God for understanding of His Will for me. When the silence was ongoing, I came to accept that this was it, and prayers changed to laying my concerns at His feet, asking for strength and wisdom to do His Will with grace and love.

I was startled the first time it happened, and I learned to understand the “fear of the Lord” in Proverbs – not a terror, but an unearthly awe of our Creator Father, the Spirit and the Son.

There was a soft, but definite breeze on my face! What? There was NO wind, no movement in the bushes, trees – nothing. I held my breath. Later, I came to understand the Comfort. He heard me – and He cared. He was watching over me.

Sometimes I would whine about being alone. My mind would hear Jesus say, “Really?” I would recall the scriptures and be ashamed, repent and be thankful. Then again praying, I feel deserted and sometimes I’m treated badly – “Oh, Really?” And I would remember the garden, sleeping friends, sweat drops of blood. the tortures – and be so ashamed and continue my prayer on a different path. : )

My pleas for my strength and for Bob to pass easily were granted. He also provided a measure of wisdom, understanding and the ability to see many things in a new, clearer light.

Near the end when I was close to crumbling, along with the gentle wind on my face, He sent our daughter who could lift me with love and support from the pit.

I haven’t felt the “wind” in awhile, but I will always remember those times and that touch – my reminder that God (and his messengers) are always near.

A preacher/friend once said that if we could see in the other dimension, we would see God’s angels going about His business.

Written by Judith Swartz
Judith Swartz has begun to publish wit and wisdom gathered along the path of life on this planet. Mothering nine children and providing advice when requested for over 30 grand and great-grandchildren, she is a student of life and her fellow man. Writing for years, A Stroke of Health is her first published work with the promise of others to follow: HeART of the Sale, A Stroke of Blessings, Hey, Ben Franklin, it’s me, grandma, and Life’s a Trip. Judi lives in Houston with a registered feral cat colony, and the memories of Bob and Linda.

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  1. I have felt it also. Once at a friend’s funeral and another time outside right after my father in law died. Both times a blessing.

  2. Thank you

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I too have felt the wind. And God so graciously allowed my mother to kiss my check and tell me goodbye in the midst of that wind! An incredible gift from God!


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