Smart Apps Especially for Caregivers

Maggie DragSmart phone and computers are wonderful for staying organized as a busy caregiver. You’re no stranger to having your a phone filled with hundred of numbers, contacts, notes and screenshots – not to mention lots of timers, alerts and meetings in your calendar. When it comes to organizing and remembering important medical appointments and conditions that client has, however, you can never be too careful when it comes to being prepped with all the information you need at hand at any given moment. Thankfully there are great apps out there that will help you divide up your personal schedule and contacts with the ones you use every day for work, and did I mention some of them are free? Check out these great apps for caregivers and download them today!


There’s nothing harder than coordinating important medical information, documents, appointments as a busy caregiver. especially if you have multiple clients with various health conditions and needs. CareZone keeps everything you need at easy access, like a journal for notes for each family member or client, a calendar for scheduling doctor visits, and what’s really helpful- a way to keep track and organize each client’s medications and when they need to take them.The app lets you even take photos that automatically enter the prescription information into your app – a great way to keep track of when to refill a client’s medications! The best part is CareZone is a free app, and can be downloaded to your smart phone at any time.

Check out their great website to learn more and download the app.

The Caring Bridge

Ever wonder how you could stay in touch with your agency, your client and your client’s family in a more engaging way (other than just a check in call or email?) The Caring Bridge is a new resource that allows you to create a webpage (that looks a bit like a Facebook page) that helps you, the caregiver, family members, and other loved ones share information about a client and keep track of appointments, changes to medications and more! Their platform, “better together”, speaks for itself. The Caring Bridge offers an awesome way to ensure that each family member is aware of any changes or concerns without making multiple phone calls.

Check out the website to share with family, and spread the love!


Balance is one of the most popular apps created specifically for caregivers who help their loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s. The app features a journal called the “doctor diary” to help you track of notes before your loved one’s next doctor’s appointment, and a medication management feature to remind you which and how many medications to refill for your client.

The app is also super useful for educating yourself about the disease as it offers advice and news about the latest developments in memory care, tips for addressing worrisome symptoms, and more! While it isn’t free, Balance is a great resource for tracking your client’s specific condition all in one place – while serving up helpful information you should be aware of as their condition progresses.

Let us know what you think about Balance in the comments below!

Elder 411

This great app offers a wealth of information about caregiving that will make you feel like you have a an expert at your fingertips at any given moment. Elder 411 was developed by Doctor Marian, a professional geriatric care manager with over 35+ years of experience in the industry. The app features over 500 of her tips and advice that are divided into eleven sections for easy reference and navigation.

If you are a caregiver that is just starting their career, or even an experienced caregiver who enjoys support and access to information quickly, this is the app for you. The next time you have free time, study up with Elder 411 and think of it as a caregiver “quiz” if you will. The more you know, the more confident you’ll be assisting each and every client down the road.

Maggie Drag is the owner and founder of a homecare agency located in central Connecticut. With over 27 years of experience in the industry, Maggie shares her knowledge and tips about care at home. Visit to learn more about Maggie Drag.



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