6 self-help books that are fun to read
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I love a good self-help book! Here are my favorite self-help books for caregivers.

The Caregiver’s Companion

Caring for Your Loved One Medically, Financially and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself

by Carolyn A. Brent is an inexpensive must read. Carolyn explains her caregiving story as she took care of her father with no one to help her. This book is passionate as if offers guidance and support to caregivers and those who may become caregivers. Overall, this book is a valuable resource that is highly recommended for caregivers. 

Authentic Happiness

Using The New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential For Lasting Fulfillment 

by Martin E.P Seligman is a very good read. This book demonstrates the best way you can create your happiness by focusing on positivity and strengths. Throughout this book, there are exercises that will prepare you to live your life at it’s full potential. This book is worth reading!

Why You’re Stuck

Your Guide to Finding Freedom From Any of Life’s Challenges

by Derek Doepker is a pleasurable book that will motivate you to think positive. With Derek’s amazing writing style, he will make you feel good about yourself even during your downfalls and hardships. This book is definitely passionate and inspiring!

Discovering Your Soul Signature

A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy

by Panache Desai is a book you will not put down. This book will change your life as it is written from the heart with love and care. Panache details throughout this book that it takes 33 days to discover who you truly are. While reading this book, you can defeat your fears, negative emotions, and doubts. This amazing book is highly recommended!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff

Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things From Taking Over Your Life

by Richard Carlson will help you get through the day as you deal with others. This book will direct you to lead a calm and stressless life. Richard also reminds readers to live in the present moment. This amazing book that offers advice is recommended to everyone!

Caregiver Therapy (Elf Self Help)

by Julie Kuebelbeck is a short read that is comforting and charming. This book encourages caregivers to care for themselves as they care for their loved ones. Readers will be able to cope with stress and heal while grieving. You will not regret reading this book!

Written by Brenda Marie
Hey there, I am a sociology student at City College. I also work as a Home Health Aide, which I love. On my spree time I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to music.

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