My 5 favorite YA books about caregiving
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Sometimes books are the only way to escape. Even if it’s for a few minutes, the pleasure of reading relaxes one. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, books reminds us of something we sometimes need to know, we are not alone.

A Time for Dancing

By Davida Wills Hurwin

Love is one of the few comforts in life. Being special to someone and having that someone special we absolutely adore. It doesn’t always have to be romantic; it could be a friendship that just touches the heart. A Time for Dancing is a dear book because it’s a fiction that speaks of an experience that is very real to humans. Sam and Jules are inseparable best friends ready to face life after high school together, but they never saw illness coming until Jules’s suddenly fell sick. Then they discovered it was cancer. Every friendship will be tested and tried but only true friendship will stand.  This is a story of friendship, love, loss and life. But like all things eventually comes to an end, the story ends.  Its memories however never leave the minds of readers that simply fall in love with it. Read this heartbreaking yet heartwarming story to find out how these two friends managed to navigate the trauma of life and even find a cause to celebrate till the very end.

The Love Story That Shouldn’t Have Been

By Melissa Grijalva

What happens when the thing you hate begins to happen to you? She hates love but got exactly that, love. Our heroine in this book (if we choose to call her that) can be summed up in one word, angry. Dellia is angry to the point of violence, she’s suicidal. Why author Melissa Grijalva would choose to make this girl the main character of her book did not make sense until it began to. The shocker of this story is that readers fall in love with this very flawed teenage girl as they continue to read her story, a story she has no qualms about sharing, up to the very last embarrassing detail. The book as it unfolds begins to take meaningful shape and readers begin to empathize with Dellia, her insecurities, pain and venerability are very familiar. This is a book that would make one cry and laugh as well. The best part, it’s a love story.

My Only

By N.K. Smith

As twin brothers, these two could not be further apart. Adam is shy, introverted, and awkward, while his twin brother Aaron has the celebrity personality. Adam was not the popular one of the two brothers, but he was a talented drummer. Only he never lets other see how talented he is because he himself does not see just how talented he is. Then emerges Olivia on the scene, and everything changes like it does when a guy meets a girl. They became friends, she likes him and he likes her, but so does Aaron. Will Adam stay in his shell and back down for his “celebrity” brother or will he fight to discover the possibility of life outside his cocoon? Read this wonderful book to find out.

The Wrong Side of Right

By Jenn Marie Thorne’s

When speaking of a complicated love story, this book is full of it. But the love story is not the only thing that makes this book great, it’s everything. Kate never knew she had a father until her mother died and her father shows up. What more? He’s not just any man. He’s a powerful politician running for U.S. President. Before Kate knew what was happening, she finds herself joining a new family she didn’t know exist, campaigning for the father she barely knows and falling for a guy who may be wrong. And on top of that, there’s the spotlight of being a politician’s love child. How does Kate deal with all of these? Read this new book to find out, it doesn’t matter whether or not you love politics, this is a book readers will fall in love with. For a contemporary novel, it deserves a five star. It’s heartwarming, funny, and it’s a very good read.

The Afterlife

By Gary Soto

Do ghost really exist? This is a book that would make you think about that question again. This story is centered on a ghost who falls in love with a ghost. After 17 years old Chuy was killed, he finds himself looking down at his own body, and then it dawned on him, he’s a ghost. Imagine life being more interesting for a ghost that a living human, this is exactly what happens to Chuy when he finds himself falling in love with a fellow ghost. This story is funny, touching, meaningful and certainly interesting.

Written by Rachael
Rachael is a communications major in college, hoping to work in PR when she graduates from college this Spring. She loves to write and endeavors to use her writing as a means to help others. She believes in God, she believes in the strength of the human will and she believes the whole of humanity is one big family.

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  1. @ Rachel, Thanks for mentioning this, reading is a nice escape even for a few minutes. Would be nice to have mini book discussion to get our
    minds of caregiving for a bit. I’m currently reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. Perhaps recommend, some good book for caregivers to read. I’ve found Chicken Soup for the Soul for Family Caregivers an excellent read and I read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, another great book for caregivers to read.


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