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Maternal Bond: Stories about moms and their kids

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In the first story, Erica Silberman and her siblings struggle to figure out the best way to care for their mom after she’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. As a young struggling actor, it’s decided Erica should be the primary caregiver.

Her mom comes to live with Erica and her fiancee in Brooklyn. Erica shares their misadventures in providing 24/7 supervision. Then they look for a nursing home nearby. Finally, they have to create their own solution after realizing their introvert mom is never going to be comfortable being part of a group.

In the second story, both of Pat Furlong’s sons are diagnosed with a rare, terminal disease. Rather than accepting that both of her children will die from muscular dystophy before they reach adulthood, she takes action.

Pat is told that there’s no hope and no help. Instead, she becomes an advocate. She goes to great lengths to research the disease, develop standards of care, figures out how to write a law, funds medical research, and work toward a cure.

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