Loving Lori, in sickness and in health

November 5, 2015

Stairwaysstairways caregiving book is a book that tells the true love story between the author, Steven Zarycki, and his wife, Lori. It describes in detail how two young individuals found each other at an early age and loved each other instantaneously. Stairways is also a book about a loving husband’s continuous struggle as primary caregiver for his wife, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer in June of 2012. Stairways is an emotional, passionate journey of life, love, and death.

From the very beginning of this book, it’s obvious the words flow through the author’s pen with ease of the love shared by Steven and Lori. The author recounts the simple things, which creates an inspiring and moving story of true love.  It truly is a beautiful tribute by a husband to his soulmate. You can feel the depth of the love Steve had for his other half, Lori. When you read this book, your faith in love and humanity will be reaffirmed.

Love is rather difficult to define. It’s different for everyone, which makes it undefinable. Some will say I know this love, others may say I’d like to feel this love. But no matter, the one common thing amongst us all is how the words all tell us what true love is between two people. This book shows you the ups and downs of what love can be. The downside of love; the loss. People lose things they love every second of everyday. Losing something you love is basically a part of life. Objects, pets, relationships, time, and most importantly people; are taken away every day, all things we love. The reader can sense the spirituality of Steve and Lori and their conviction to the idea they will always be together in soul.

This book is a beautiful love story that is also a lesson in how to be a courageous cancer fighter and how to be a selfless caregiver. Cancer and sickness in general affects so many lives today; and Steven Zarycki, the author of this novel, wanted people to see that. This book is not only a story about love and loss, but it is also a self-help book for caregivers. It shares a wife and mother’s story; but also the journey as a caregiver. It shows the reader various ways to deal with stress, anger, and sadness; all while having love in your heart. Life is very unfair to people one would say, with some many negative things happening each day here on Earth, but sometimes it’s those unfair situations that bring out the good.

Do yourself a favor, buy this book. Read it, think about what it says to you. Laugh and cry with Steve and Lori. Cry with the author at the end. Take it all to heart. Just buy it and read it all for yourself. You will be happy that you did. In the end it’s not about death, but rather how to live and love; which this book will show you. We are fortunate beings to be able to love and loss.

ByAlexis Paige Zarycki

Written by Guest Author
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  1. Hi Alexa thanks for your sweet reply. I am sorry for your loss also. Bless you also. Gentle hugs Marie Grace. Going away on the 20th and taking the book with me. Take care

  2. Thank you so much Marie for your love and support. I am sorry about your husband. I hope my father’s book brings you comfort and support. with love, Alexis Zarycki

  3. So sorry for your loss xox I bought your book today. I am a caregiver for my husband with MS but I also have MS. So always looking for light at the end of the tunnel. I think reading your book may give me some support and encouragement even in the midst of everything. God bless you and stay strong. Thank you Marie Grace


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