Since you had the news you have thought about it over and over again. You have examined all angles, you have weighed all options and you know with full conviction if there was absolutely anything you could do, you would do it. Let the knowledge empower you.

Sometimes in life, we go through situations that we would only wish on our worst enemies. We question the universe, we blame it on God, we ask ourselves, maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s something, maybe it’s anything, maybe it’s nothing. But the fact remains it’s there and there’s nothing we can do about it. Let the knowledge empower you.

There is nothing we could do to change the moment before we know a loved one has a terminal disease, but there is a lot we could do the moment we find out, knowledge is after all power. Everything now revolves around what we know. What we do with the knowledge changes everything.

We have little control over what happens to us most times, but we have power over how we let it affect our lives. It’s called the power of knowledge, perception and choice. We could choose to be down and weary through life’s most challenging obstacles, we could choose to accept fate with resignation or we could choose to be empowered.

John was 19 years old when he found out his mother had breast cancer. The doctor really couldn’t tell them how much time she had left to live, but the certainty was that death was inevitable. Several questions were asked, what can we do? surgery? exercise? medicine? Answers came all summarized in one word. “Nothing”, with an unpleasant finality. John, as you can imagine, met the news with great sorrow. Who wouldn’t?

He was the only child of his mother, so he was who you might call a mama’s boy.

There are no guarantees in life, but there are choices. John decided he was going to be empowered by cancer rather than defeated. He started doing research on breast cancer and during the course of his research he found an information that had nothing to do with cancer, but was nevertheless empowering. This information changed his life.

John was a sophomore in college, when he got back from school each day, he would say something funny to make his mother laugh, and she would, and so it continued on till he graduated from college, went for his master’s degree, got married and had his first child. His mother lived to witness it all, dying eight years after her diagnosis. Fate? maybe, or just simple knowledge. John had stumbled on this article that reads laughter makes you live longer, he was a little bit skeptic about it, but he knew even if he could not stop his mother from dying, he could fill her remaining days with pleasant memories. Only those days turned to months, and months to years.

It doesn’t matter how much time, what you do with it is what matters. Life is all about how you choose to look at it. You have the power of knowledge, perception and choice over things you cannot change. Use the knowledge to empower yourself and use time wisely.

Written by Rachael
Rachael is a communications major in college, hoping to work in PR when she graduates from college this Spring. She loves to write and endeavors to use her writing as a means to help others. She believes in God, she believes in the strength of the human will and she believes the whole of humanity is one big family.

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