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In memory of Bob Harrison

Bob Harrison

Bob and his daughter Melissa. Photo by Andrew Jimenez

By now, those of you who were privileged to know Bob Harrison are aware that he passed away suddenly on September 20.

Cori and I are heartbroken. There was no one like Bob. He came to us as a member and then became a regular contributor to the website. He then got his own column “Because of Annie,” who motivated him to give back to all of you with such generosity.

Bob “got it.” He was not only someone who understood grief so completely, but understood the caregiving condition and his dedication to and love of all of you was immeasurable. He was on Facebook supporting our communities all through the night. The Caregiver Space was so lucky to have him, but he was—as it turns out—grateful to us for giving him a place to give back and help others.

Bob told it like it is. No sugar coating. No platitudes. His wisdom and gentle nature helped those of you in need get through the roughest of rough patches.

Well — now Bob’s family is going through a rough patch. Not only have they lost their patriarch, but their financial situation is challenging.

Cori and I have made sure that The Caregiver Space is free of people posting for help on fundraising websites, but we are making an exception for Bob. His family has reached out to us to see if any of you can help them with his burial expenses. They have sent us a link to a GoFundMe page, which I’m posting here: We understand that many of you are not in a position to donate and only ask those of you who can to help out.

We also hope you understand why we have made an exception in Bob’s case. We all miss him so.

To view Bob’s obituary and leave a message for his family:

To donate to Bob’s memorial fund online through GoFundMe:

To make an off-line donation: Memorial contributions can be made out to The Robert N. Harrison Memorial Fund at 9555 E Corporate Hills Dr. Wichita, KS 67207, USA.

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