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Caregiving involves lots of moving pieces. A CareMap can help you understand how it fits all together so you can find ways to improve your daily life.

The Atlas CareMap is a hand-drawn representation of a caregiver’s network. It illustrates the caregiver’s own support system, highlights what is working well, and often reveals duplication or gaps in care and resources.

You can learn more at Atlas of Caregiving.

Written by Allison Powell
I live off of food from Trader Joe's. I spend my life in a cubicle, a la Office Space. I'm kind of obsessed with the internet. Confession: I take care of people but don't identify as a caregiver.

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  1. What about the caregivers who have to do it all by themselves ?

  2. As a caregiver, you live on everybody elses time. You can’t “prioritize” anything because someone is bound to screw up the whole plan. Things happen like, the nurse forgets(or doesn’t) call in scripts or the lab forgets to send test results to the doctor. Its everyone else that needs to prioritize moreso than the caregiver themselves.

    • Amen to that!!! As my daughter’s primary caregiver, I feel I have all my ducks in a row…Unfortunately, I have to depend on others who need way more organizational skills than myself

    • Yep! I totally get it. Their screw ups is 75% of the stress as a caregiver

  3. I wish people who write these things would actually spend one month a a full time caregiver. This is laughable.


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