Mother’s day is arriving and I always do something special for my mom. Although, I still plan to do something for her, I would like to take this time to appreciate other incredible women in my life. Below are six amazing gifts that I wish to give to these women.

1. A beautiful mug

Every week, I visit the renal dialysis center with my client. In this small unit, people are coming in and out helping and visiting their family members. There is this one lady named Ms. Rose, she is the sweetest lady on earth. Although, she spends an enormous amount of time caring for her husband, she still cares for others in the center. For instance, she is always eager to help people who are in wheelchairs with their coats. Ms. Rose is also very attentive, she listens to me whenever I talk about school. During our conversations, she tends to be so engaging. On top of all this, she is very encouraging. I adore her and I know she loves coffee, so, I want to give her this lovely mug for Mother’s Day.

2. Victoria Secret treat

In my old neighborhood, Ms. Davis lived on the fifth floor of my apartment building. She took great care of her mother, who happens to be bed bound. Ms. Davis somehow did not let her burdens get the best of her. She always kept a smile on her face and greeted my family and I. Even though, I moved, we still keep in contact. She sends kind words to me every now and then. Due to her kindness, I would love to give her this body lotion, body mist, and a wash set that comes from Victoria Secret. This gift also includes a purse. She would be more than happy to receive this as a  Mother’s Day gift.

3. Sparkling pendant necklace

Whenever I take the time do laundry, I head over to the local laundromat. Washing a lot of clothes is such a draining task but the woman who works there makes my duty enjoyable. Her name is Lucy, Lucy is so lovable. She always helps me with no problem and her jokes are super funny! Lucy is a mother of four children and she explains to me how difficult it is to raise them. Since she is such a wonderful woman, it would be my pleasure to give her a rose gold butterfly heart pendant necklace.

4. Mom picture frame

I once visited my aunt Wanda, who lives in New Jersey. She is by far the nicest woman, this picture frame is one of the gifts that I would give to her. Wanda is a caregiver for her son who suffers from a developmental disability. The last time I stopped by her house, she had so many pictures of her family. She stated that pictures reminded her of good times. This bronze picture frame is a gift that I know for sure she would like.

5. Comfy pillow

My best friend is an amazing mother of a two year old boy. She works extremely hard throughout the week and she also studies. She frequently complains to me about how tired she is. She also suffers from headaches. The only advice I can give her is get some rest. I must give her this stripped pillow that saying ” home is where your mom is.”

6. Relaxing bath soak

Of course I had to add my mom to the group of women I would be giving gifts to. My mother has four children, although, we all are grown, she will sacrifice anything for us. She works full-time and still makes sure there is a cooked meal waiting for us before our arrival. She loves taking baths because to her that is a method of relaxation. I am definitely going to give her this aqua bath soak.

Written by Brenda Marie
Hey there, I am a sociology student at City College. I also work as a Home Health Aide, which I love. On my spree time I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to music.

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  1. To hear her voice and hold her soft hands again. Love you Μανούλα ❤️

  2. To hear her voice and hold her soft hands again. Love you Μανούλα ❤️


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