Five Things You Should Know About Caregivers


We are crucial

Our healthcare system would collapse without us. Hospitals and assisted living facilities would be inundated with admissions. The ratio of patient to staff would overwhelm medical professionals. Quality of care would plummet. Our loved ones would be sent home quicker, sicker, and alone. Paying for around the clock medical care would burn a hole though the wallets of insurance companies and individuals.

We need support

While we may not get paid for our work, we should be compensated with proper support! Medical professionals need to recognize our role in care and work with us. Federal and state assistance would be a huge help—support groups, subsidized costs, job protection, etc. We are battling depression, fighting off loneliness, managing chronic stress—all at the detriment to our health. Services for caregivers would reduce or prevent future medical costs.

We keep going

We don’t have the choice to wake up and say “we don’t feel like it.” We have the courage to begin each day, even after nights of no sleep. We respond to our patient’s needs, even if we’re unhappy in our role, even if we want to throw in the towel. No matter what, we care.

We are not alone

Caregiving has touched or will touch your life in some way. We’ve been through the struggle or we’re in it right now. Either way, you’re not the only one dealing with this. Nor are you the only one who has thought that or done that or said that.

We’re a force to be reckoned with

Our voice is growing stronger. Our advocates are gaining ground. As a population we will only get bigger. The more unified our voice, the louder we will be heard.

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  1. Going on the basis that there are many more female carers in this world than males, I just want to say how important we are both to the person for whom we are caring and to the hospitals, clinics, etc because we take off quite a bit of pressure, while saving the money for the State. We must band together, and raise our collective voice so that we can also be supported.


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