Even MORE fitness facts & tips for caregivers
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1. There are 3 classifications of exercise:

  • activities such as walking, playing golf, tennis, hiking
  • general exercise such as Yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, and then there is
  • body typing

With the first two, you may receive some ancillary health & fitness benefits provided that you exercise with the proper intensity, but you won’t change your body to your aesthetic liking.

2. There is no one piece of exercise equipment that is fitness in and of itself. But if you had to choose the one most beneficial piece of fitness equipment, it would be a jump rope.

3. Most people with back issues are most likely to have tight hamstrings. In order to eliminate back pain, you must improve your hamstring flexibility otherwise; you will most likely have back pain for your entire life.

4. You can actually increase the amount of cellulite on your body by performing the wrong exercises for your body type.

30 more fitness facts & tips just for caregivers5. Contrary to popular belief, muscle does not weigh more than fat. Muscle is however, heavier per square inch of volume compared to the same square inch of fat.

6. You cannot convert fat to muscle and muscle does not turn to fat if you stop exercising.

7. Just as it is common knowledge and acceptance that you can spot increase, you can also spot reduce if and only if you learn how to exercise based on your body type.

8. If you are working out with a personal trainer for thirty (30) days or more, and if your body is not improving, specifically your problem areas, then stop, you’re exercising wrong.

9. The average person who exercise with Exude’s patented methods loses 6-12 inches the first month!

10. Never skip your warm-up or stretch prior to exercising, even if you’re pressed for time. Just cut down on the amount of time you normally spend to warm-up and stretch, but make sure you still do both to insure success each and every time you workout.

11. There is a direct correlation between education and motivation with exercise and fitness.

12. The best motivator to maintaining consistency with anyone’s exercise program is to see results. These results can be an increased energy, less pain, a healthier body and/or a reduction in stress. But make no qualms about it, you also need to look better otherwise, you’ll suddenly find even new excuses not to go to the gym or workout.

13. Look it up in any exercise physiology book 101: weights bulk. So, the next time your “trainer” tells you that weights don’t bulk, ask him/her why weightlifters then lift weights versus jogging to get their desired look of having more muscle.

14. And, if weights don’t bulk, then based on that theory, we would all be the same size no matter which mode of exercise we choose – meaning that joggers, weightlifters, ballet dancers, tri-athletes, gymnasts, figure skaters and the like would all be similar in size because remember, weights don’t “bulk”.

15. If your goal is to trim down and you are overweight, the more weights you lift, the bigger the body part being worked will get.

16. Heavy weights, high resistance, steep incline, steep decline and hitting an immovable object all have the same effect on the human body – they will all bulk you.

17. To trim down, you must perform endurance-type exercises using light weights with high repetitions. High reps as it is known as means a minimum of 25 reps for each and every exercise.

18. For certain body types, doing spinning classes for reducing the size of your buttocks, thighs and hips is one of the most damaging exercises you could do. Have you noticed that your jeans are tighter? Now you know why…

19. Just because you are receiving fitness and/or health benefits from your current exercise regimen doesn’t guarantee that you will also receive the aesthetic benefit and please don’t confuse them, they are not synonymous.

20. You can be fit and still have problem areas and excess fat deposits in certain regions of your body.

21. It’s better to be overweight and under fat then over fat and under weight – provided that you exercise with the proper intensity that adds to your overall fitness and health.

22. Although we are more educated on the benefits of exercise today, we are not more educated on how to fit proper exercise into our daily and hectic lifestyle.

23. PhysEd’s goal is to reeducate what people “think” they know about exercise and fitness.

24. We tend to take better care of the car we drive than the vehicle in which we drive around in everyday, 24 hours a day – our bodies!

25. For type II diabetics, if you want to stop taking medication as treatment, then get yourself in shape and most likely, your new medication will now be exercise, and that my friend, you don’t need a prescription for.

26. The most powerful drug in the world is owning a tablet of knowledge known as a sound fitness program and the ability to implement one.

27. It’s okay if you’re overweight, out-of-shape or possess low-energy. But, it’s not okay to be doing nothing about it…

28. Having a medical condition or orthopedic constraint IS NOT a reason not to be exercising. In fact, it’s the main reason you should be exercising if you ever want to feel good again.

29. If you want to do anything effective concerning getting your children in shape, then perhaps you as parents should first get yourself in shape, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a fighting chance of slimming down your kid(s).

30. Children learn from their parents and the example that you set. If your children see that you eat well, exercise and are active, there’s a good chance little jr. will follow in your footsteps!

31. There are a lot of decent and respected motivators out there in the world today. But there is only one entity that is able to motivate you to become self-motivated. Now, welcome to world of PhysEd for Caregivers.

Written by Edward Jackowski
In 1985, Edward Jackowski founded Exude Fitness and changed the way we look at exercise. To date, Edward is the author of seven books on general fitness, motivation, weight loss and golf and has helped create, direct and produce 10 fitness videos/DVD’s and motivational CD’s.

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