Drop in U.S. life expectancy is an ‘indictment of the American health care system’

January 20, 2018

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The economy may be growing and the stock market booming, but Americans are dying younger – living shorter lives than previous generations and dying earlier than their counterparts around the world. It is easy to place the blame squarely on our nation’s opioid epidemic, but if we do that we miss seeing the abysmal new life…

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  1. Unhealthy, addiction, congestive heart failure, breast cancer, no health insurance or substandard care.

  2. People will make up 1000 excuses rather than researching what is really causing it . Big Pharma is selling nonworking poison vaccines and treatments for profit rather than sell cures, big Ag is selling “food” poisoned with chemicals because , Profits . The fishing industry is selling radioactive seafood from Japan’s nuclear plant because Profit . Even your local city water supply is poisoning you with Fluoride for Profit. Big gov turns a blind eye to it because profits mean much more than human health . Within 10 years Autism will be rampant at 50% of children . Everyone asks what could be the cause as they turn a blind eye to it because their legal drug pusher tells them here take this , when the side effects show up , we’ll sell you a few more drugs to counter those side effects , then more to counter the effects of those drugs . You can’t expect to drug yourself out of sickness when the drugs ARE the sickness ! Wake the hell up people , you are being systematically poisoned for profit and you make up every excuse you can think of , except for the truth .

  3. Maybe we could get rid of the toxic chemicals the government approved. The air, water, food and vaccines have all been loaded down with poisons.

  4. Well when you have ppl eating laundry pods..what do you expect..

  5. One thing that is left out of this article that to me makes it misleading is the obesity epidemic. People eat themselves to death on junk food, fast food, sweets, etc. Many of our health problems would go away if people would take care of themselves with clean food and exercise.

    • That was the first thing that came to mind for me while reading also

  6. The information I’ve seen, it’s the result of drug addicts dying and bringing the averages down.


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