Do in-person caregiver support groups help?
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Obviously here at The Caregiver Space we’re big fans of online support groups. It can be an incredible challenge to find time to do anything for yourself, never mind be able to actually leave the house at the same time each week.

I go and it’s helpful

If you know you want some support, give it a shot, don’t give up hunting, don’t put it off another day once you decide. – Chelsea

Our Chaplain Corps started a Caregiver Support Group that meets monthly at a restaurant for almost the last 3 years for lunch. Half of our Corps are caregivers or recently lost their loved one. It’s a safe place to admit our failures and celebrate our small victories…and cry. We call it Roses (for what’s going right), Thorns (the painful stuff) and Buds ( what gives us hope). – Jeo

I do, and am so grateful for the support. They are a terrific group. – Marcia

Gildas Club is wonderful but I moved. Haven’t been able to find a group since. – Coral

I found a group as soon as Mom diagnosed and still living in her own home. I somehow knew time was against me. I went as long as I could and learned and was encouraged so much! – Linda

Yes and yes. I attend one that is monthly in another county, I don’t know of one closer. I’m lucky enough, still at this point to be able to go without worry because husband can do for self now. We share with each other, sometimes a speaker will come in and talk about services in the area, estate planning, home modifying, the one I gleaned the most from was the funeral service industry. I get to know others and their struggles. Sadly when a loved one dies, the attendee stops coming. There are a few that still attend, one is our facilitator. Most of the people have loved one with Alzheimer’s or other dementia, my husband does not. – Kathryn

Am in a support group for Parkinson’s Disease and it is great. About 20-25 while the PD person is in therapy. We cry together, laugh together, share which docs r good or bad, info about drugs, therapies, how to survive, etc. A professional comes in once a month. We meet weekly & it is invaluable. – Linda

Yes, I have in the past. Right now, I’m taking a class on the same day as my support group so I’ve missed class for the past 4 months. Does it help? You bet it does! – Ge

I tried it and it’s not for me

Not any more. I stopped because I was very frustrated. My husband’s needs have increased as he continues to decline. The facilitator is patronizing and continually says how she can relate because she is a mother. As a mother myself, there is a tremendous difference between caring for my children and caring for my injured, ill, and declining husband for years into our midlife. – Mary

There is no support groups other than the hospice house in my area,.. they are ANGELS.. But who wants to go to the hospice after you’re loved one had passed away,?????? For grief counseling.. Really??? Hospice can not expect for us caregivers to go for grief counseling at the same place where our loved ones passed away in our arms!! – Teresa

I went to a few in person support groups and they were depressing. Everyone’s loved ones were older and more advanced than my mother. I couldn’t relate and it was a scary look into the future. – Linda

In my case no. Not until a decade later. I ended up giving advice rather then getting much and it’s stressful to help others when ur tryna help yourself. – Kim

Tried to join a group, too many questions before you could join. I needed support not more stress. They needed dr verification before you could join. A support group does not need to know everything about you. – Sharon

I tried one in my community, but it wasn’t what I expected nor what I needed. It didn’t seem to offer support, only a place for people to tell their stories. – Patti

I did for Spinal Cord Injury. It helped me none. As a matter of fact it was just women griping about how bad their lives were. – Staci

Online is best for me

You can sign up for our online caregiver support programs on our community page.

No real support groups for my quadriplegic daughter. The Caregiver Space has been my main support group for over 5 years now & I feel so blessed to have found it! – Patricia

Online support works for me, just this site alone and the validation is a nice. – Melissa

No funny this site is American and I live in New Zealand ?? I’ve learnt so much from just reading your postings it’s helped me to understand so much of what I have gone through thank you so much God bless – Osborne

I don’t participate in any support groups

I did not have ANY support groups online or otherwise w my mother – my first caregiving – I knew nothing but learned much. I myself keep it in, share w friends, or whatever it takes to make it through one second one minute one day at a time. – Teresa

I dont, I barely have time for my own ADL’s and bathroom breaks. I never had time for ” luxuries” like personal time away. – Eric

I wished I had support group during time I took care of mom for 8 years. – Ronnie

We had 0 support from any organization. We were completely on our own to figure it out. – Sara

Written by Cori Carl
As Director, Cori is an active member of the community and regularly creates resources for people providing care.

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