If caregiving is part of your life, this space is for you

This is a community space, run by community members

There are lots of ways you can help build a strong, supportive community for caregivers. Help us make a difference in the lives of caregivers around the world!


adrienne's headshot“I found caregiving to be so incredibly isolating. The Caregiver Space is made up of a group of people who understand. I love being able to give back and support other people like they’ve supported me.”

Adrienne Gruberg, Founder, The Caregiver Space


Simply taking part in conversations and being part of the community is a great way to help other caregivers! Sharing your hard-earned wisdom, empathizing with people in a tough spot, and being a caring friend to other caregivers is an amazing way to give back.

Share your story

It’s so powerful to see that other people are dealing with the same struggles — and triumphs — as you. Help us make sure everyone, from every background, feels welcome here by sharing your unique story.

If you don’t see articles from people like you on here, we need you especially badly!

Become a moderator

Sometimes you need to know someone is listening. Help us make sure everyone knows someone else out there cares by becoming a moderator. Moderators make sure every post gets a response and help us keep the community safe from spammers.

Be a friend

Sign up to be paired with another caregiver for friendship and mutual support. You can connect through our private messaging system — or set up a phone date. This is a great way to turn common ground into a meaningful friendship.

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Make a donation

Adrienne keeps The Caregiver Space running by covering all of our basic expenses and ensuring that Cori can dedicate her time to the community. Your support can help us expand our programs and better support caregivers.

If you’re interested in helping us raise funds through donations or grants, please contact us.