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Let’s keep things simple and stick with the tools you’re already using. We all check Facebook, now you can use that as a way to stay connected with other caregivers. We have several private Facebook groups for people who perform care work.

We have a main group where any and all people supporting the mental and/or physical health of another person are welcome. This is a great place to find support and answers from other caregivers any hour of the day or night. Because the main group has so many people in it (and so much activity!) it can take over your Facebook feed.

We have several topic-specific Facebook groups, too. These groups are smaller and the other caregivers in the group likely have a bit more in common with you. There’s no need to pick just one group — you can be in as many of our private Facebook groups as you’d like.

We create new groups based on who’s talking, so let us know if there’s a group you’d like to see added.

All Caregivers

All caregivers are welcome here. This is our most active group and a great place for 24/7 support.

Voice of Care Work

This group connects family and professional caregivers with researchers, product developers, and the media. This is a place for us to work together to bring about change. There is no research or recruitment permitted in our other groups.

Young Caregivers

Here’s a place for people under 35 to share their experiences and support each other. This group welcomes people over 35 who are former young caregivers.

Spousal Care: 20s, 30s & 40s

A space for young people supporting a current or former romantic partner. This is a welcoming space for people in poly and queer relationships.

Spousal Care

Here’s the place to talk about what it’s like to take care of your partner, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, ex, or anyone else you’re in (or have been in) a romantic relationship with.

After Caregiving

Life goes on after caregiving ends. Some of us are here to grapple with grief. Others are celebrating recoveries. All of us are forever changed by the experience.

After Caregiving: Transitions

This is a group for people who are changing or ending their role as a caregiver.

Caregiving Parents

Taking care of a child (or grandchild or client) with special needs, a disability, a chronic or acute illness? Here’s the place for you to connect.

Long-term Care

Some conditions are life-long, others are simply long lasting. Here’s a place to talk about caregiving that lasts for years.


Caring for seniors has unique challenges, especially when Alzheimer’s and dementia are involved.

Caregiving Sons

Are you one of the millions of men providing caregiving support to friends, family, and clients? Join the conversation here.

Caregiving Daughters

Women are seen as natural caregivers, to spouses, children, parents, and other family members. If you self-identify as a woman, we welcome you here.

LGBTQIAP+ Caregivers

While all of our groups are LGBTQIAP+ inclusive, this is a space specifically for the queer community.

Long-distance Care

This is a space for supporting people’s mental and/or physical health who live far from you, whether they’re three transfers or an ocean away.

Mental Health

Many caregivers have mental health issues of their own. This is a group for caregivers who have been diagnosed with or identify as having mental health issues.

The best information on care work

We’re constantly scouring the web for the information that’s most helpful and interesting to people who perform care work and sharing it on our Facebook page.

Sometimes it’s the experiences of other carers, maybe it’s a great tip, or it might be the latest news impacting the lives of carers. We like to share some feel-good stories and videos, too.

We get some lively discussions going on our Facebook page. Just remember that all Facebook pages are public.

Found a great article or video that other caregivers need to see? Post it to the page!

How private is this?

Anything on a Facebook page is public.

Anything in one of our Facebook groups can only be seen by members of that group.

It sounds simple, but it can be hard to tell in your news feed. There’s an easy way to check!

Under the name of the person who posted something, there’s a time stamp and a little icon. That icon shows you who can see the post and any comments.

This little group icon means the post is only visible to members of that group:
facebook group icon

And this little globe icon means the post and any comments are public:

public facebook post icon

Still have questions? Check out this guide to Facebook for caregivers.

Life is pretty lonely being a caregiver, but I’m glad there’s this place to connect with people who are in similar situations.


Ed Rio

Thank you for helping me feel not alone in it for a moment.


Tanya Estrada

Very grateful for this page…just reading the stories of other who are in the same boat as me is sooo helpful…Thank you my fellow brave souls!!


Margaret Mulholland

This is an excellent page. I never imagined I would become a caregiver for my father 1 1/2 years ago. Thanks for all the support you provide.


Jessica Williams

I want to thank you, for all the support given through this group, there are times I felt like giving up and that no one understood the scope of caregiving, and the toll it takes on a person and a relationship, I am so grateful for your kindness and the support and understanding I get from reading posts on here and feeling like I am not alone after all.


Nora Ford

There are always good and bad days. I try to remain positive but I can get so frustrated sometimes. Then I always feel guilty after I get frustrated. I’m glad I found this page. The motivational quotes and articles always help.


Melanie Taylor

I just want to say thank you all for this group!!! Had a tough night last night… am off for a busy weekend at work…and the first place i went to this am was here, to read notes and posters and posts…just made me feel good, not alone, and put a smile on my face…



Sharon Jones

I would like to that you for having this page. I read a lot of the posts, and it has really helped me with the feelings and emotions that I was experiencing. I’ve learned that I’m not alone in how I felt, and how to better cope with how I’m feeling. Thank You


Eamon Murray