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One Hundred Names for Love: Caregiving, Stroke, Language and Marriage

In her memoir, “One Hundred Names for Love,” Diane Ackerman looks at her own caregiving story through a microscopic viewfinder and provides the reader with enough anecdotal data to publish a study on what it means to be a caregiver. It is a deeply personal, honest, and moving narrative—a close-up look at another caregiver’s life, a perspective we rarely see.

The Thirsty Spirit of a Caregiver: Self-Care is Possible and Here’s How

The Thirsty Spirit of a Caregiver: Self-Care is Possible and Here’s How

Self-care, take care of yourself, self-care, self-care—okay, we get it. How many times can a caregiver hear this before s/he gets sick of the phrase? Self-care articles glance over the logistics (and financials) of respite care; repeat the same familiar directives (eat right, sleep right); or miss the point entirely. Walk a day in our shoes: see how easy it is to carve out time for ourselves, when our day is spent taking care of others. It’s no wonder many caregivers roll their eyes when the subject of self-care approaches.

So it’s with a considerable amount of sensitivity that I draw closer to this article’s focus: a book on self-care. Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit

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