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Caring for Her Dad Exposes Blended Family Caregiving Conflicts

Publicity photo from the television show That's Life. Pictured are Tim Conway and Robert Morse.

While the book is replete with many humorous Conway family stories, such as her dad introducing his children to his favorite pastime — the art of horse betting at Santa Anita racetrack — or how she and her five brothers would run around the CBS sound stages to visit Sonny and Cher while her dad filmed the live audience “Carol Burnett Show,” it takes a sadder tone after her dad was diagnosed in his early 80s with NPH (normal pressure hydrocephalus).

It was at this time that Conway, who had a close relationship with her stepmom, Charlene, throughout the 34 years of her dad’s second marriage, began an almost three year-long struggle with Charlene.

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