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We’re not launching Prime itself to the world just yet (soon!) but we are releasing something else today: the Patient Portal Finder.

It’s become clear to us in our concierge support of thousands of beta users that although a lot of people know where they get care, they don’t know where to view their medical information online. They want to, but not every provider makes it easy.

We’ve learned enough that today we’re taking what we learned and making it available publicly to everyone, for free, in one easy-to-use tool. This is the same technology we use to power Prime itself.

What does the Patient Portal Finder include? A few things:

  1. A list of all the thousands of providers—clinics & hospitals—Prime supports (most of the U.S.)
  2. Links to patient portals for each provider
  3. Full instructions for how to sign up, and access, your health information for each provider

Try it out! Find your doctor’s patient portal and view your results, medications, and doctor’s notes.

There is also a fourth optional step to sync your information to Prime, but that is not required. The point of this tool is to allow anyone, Prime user or not, to be able to easily view their medical information online. We’re making this information available free to everyone because we believe there are many—too many—people who need this information but can’t otherwise easily find it.

One more thing. We’ve also open sourced the full list of providers and their metadata for developers. As we add support for more providers, we will add them to the repo. As we learn more about providers, we will add more fields to each provider. We hope you’ll fork and do something amazing!

This has been a labor of love for us. We’re only able to do this because we’ve steadily increased the amount of care providers we support for over a year now as we race toward launching. From supporting a handful of providers in our pre-alpha days to thousands today, the Patient Portal Finder was not an overnight project. We hope it makes your life even just a little bit easier.

Prime syncs records from any doctor and allows you to message your family so everyone’s on the same page. Want an early access invite? You can request one here.

Written by Tyler Hayes
Founder & CEO, Prime. Family + health data, together at last.

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  1. Prime appears to have closed its doors, but if you’re still interested in linking your patient portals and seeing all of your medical records in one place, you can use Vessel Health (free), PicnicHealth ($600+ for the first year), or Backpack Health (have to manually enter data).

  2. My siblings and I use Prime to coordinate medical care for our 85 year old dad who has multiple providers and chronic conditions. Gives us instant access to his records and easy way to communicate and coordinate. Love it!


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