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Can I Sever Ties With My Selfish Sister?

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Several years ago, I told my sister that I wouldn’t be upset if we never spoke again. Recently her husband, with whom I have a good relationship, asked me to reconsider. I’m torn.

My sister is a few years younger. We were never close but we used to get together for holidays. We live hundreds of miles apart; my sister remained in the city where we grew up and where my mother continued to live after my father passed away.

Some time ago, my mother ran into health problems and was hospitalized. My sister told me that she had done her part and that now our mother was my problem. For a year, I traveled back and forth every weekend to deal with my mother’s health issues. Then I moved her to a retirement home near me, and until her death made hundreds of visits to see her there and in the hospital.

Throughout this period, my sister’s behavior was appalling.

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