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I work as a Health Care Aide on the Geriatric Unit of a hospital and I always tell people how much I love my job.

The other day, I was reminded why. I was about to give a bath to one of our patients, someone who tootles around in a wheel chair, not really relating to anyone anymore, because he isn’t able. It’s easier and quicker to give someone a shower in their room, but I don’t mind bathing people, if I have the time, because most people really enjoy it.

This man, who doesn’t talk much, remained true to form, but it was the expression he wore, the way his whole body relaxed when I lowered him into the tub, the way he sighed when I scrubbed his head, the way he combed the warm water through his fingers that spoke to me. I felt at once humbled and grateful.

I was reminded how much joy comes from the simple things in life. I was grateful I was able to give this man, who has suffered and lost so much, a little bit of pleasure. In a flurry of towels and warm blankets, I finished up and deposited him in his room. I came back to put fresh linens on his bed and he was snoring contentedly in his chair.

Written by Polly Krause

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  1. I work in a nursing home and i love what i do and then come home and take care of my husband but i would not change a thing because i have the lords help

  2. I find the same if not greater pleasure in helping my mother when she was alive with all the little things she missed and had difficulty doing. I find the same great pleasure to help my father. Time is the difficulty, but I make it a priority to make sure he is throughly clean all the time…nails clean and cut, hair washed and conditioned, moisturizer to make sure his skin is soft and smells nice! He loves it which makes me love it in return!


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