Karen Horneffer-Ginter

Karen Horneffer-Ginter has been practicing psychology and teaching yoga and contemplative practices for over 16 years. She has also taught graduate students and health care professionals, along with directing a university-based holistic health care program, and co-founding the Center for Psychotherapy and Wellness in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The aim of Karen's work is to reconnect people with the wisdom of their inner-life by reclaiming what gets lost amidst the busyness of day-to-day life: qualities such as stillness, self-care, creativity, joy, humor, gratitude, and compassion. Her intention is to support people in finding a sense of balance and sacredness in their lives.
New Seeds

New Seeds

This quote strikes me as the perfect phrase to discover inside of a fortune cookie on a day when, before opening it, we decide, “Okay, whatever this says, I’m going to take it as a sign—as a personal message meant just for me.”

Seeing Beauty in the Ordinary

Seeing Beauty in the Ordinary

As I was eating my breakfast the other morning, I happened to look out the window just as the sunlight broke through the clouds and illuminated the snow-covered ground and the icy branches. The effect was like nothing I had ever seen—as though fairies had sprinkled...

Sticky Notes and Sighs

After spending years studying psychology, I’m often humbled to see that the tools which seem most useful to myself and to others are usually very simple things—ideas that come from life experience as opposed to thick textbooks. This is certainly true when I think about my two favorite tools for reducing stress in day-to-day life: sticky notes and sighs!

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