Kenneth Rupert

Kenneth E Rupert received Board Certification from the International Board of Christian Coaches as a Master Christian Life Coach in 2012. He founded The Vita-Copia Group to offer life coaching focused on mentoring, encouraging, nurturing, and strengthening caregivers who provide care for a special needs child, a parent or spouse with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, a combat wounded veteran or any situation where caregiving is required. Kenneth He has worked for several Fortune 500 companies as a strategic data analyst, a project and program manager, and in various other strategic analytical roles. He is a Financial Peace University coordinator and has developed the Comprehensive Asset Management Program to assist caregivers in creating financial stability. He provides care for a child with disabilities and a father with Alzheimer’s. These experiences allow him to provide a unique perspective on assisting clients with challenging situations. He is considered a thought leader by many in the business world and his innovative teaching style is widely sought after. His challenging messages go to the core of strategic personal development. He is a natural born leader who mentors, encourages, nurtures, and strengthens other men through his work with The M.E.N.S. Network – an organization designed to encourage men’s ministries to focus on relationships and not just programs. He has written a number of books focused on personal development and financial management as well as several resources focused on spiritual growth and maturity. His writing challenges many to be intentional, engaged, and motivated in achieving positive, proactive, and permanent growth. Communicated with the skillfulness of a patient teacher, he seeks to impart his experiential and observational knowledge to his readers as well as his clients. Always offering practical exercises in intellectual gymnastics and word-smithing, he infuses his writing with questions and statements that are designed to cause the readers to stop and think about the motivators, drivers, and passion and how these three impact their actions. In all things, he seeks to add value to the life of the reader an client.
Estate planning and the caregiver

Estate planning and the caregiver

Estate planning is an important part of taking care of a loved one. For the parents of a child who requires support for daily living, estate planning becomes a lifelong process. There are a number of considerations that involve the physical, intellectual, emotional,...

What do I do now?

What do I do now?

It was January 30, 2001 – 7:41 pm. As quickly as my son was delivered by an emergency c-section, he was carried off by the nurses to the NICU. That began one of the longest nights of my life. After several hours, my wife began to wonder why they had not brought our...

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