Amber Oliver

Amber Oliver is a graduating Senior at The City College of New York majoring in English and Creative Writing. She is also active on campus as a member of various student clubs such as the Creative Writing Club, Strive for College as a mentor for low-income students and secretary of the Black Student Union, responsible for communication and member outreach. She is also enrolled in the Publishing Certificate Program. She is currently interning at The Caregiver Space. She is interested in laughter, equality, music, literature, traveling, health, and of course, caregiving in all of its forms. She looks forward to entering the publishing field, after graduation.
9 touching films about illnesses

9 touching films about illnesses

Having an illness is often a very traumatic experience and being a caretaker of someone in this position can be difficult and emotion-inducing. In these instances, it becomes really important to see depictions of a slice of life for people with illnesses and how that...

11 fun & easy crafts for all ages

11 fun & easy crafts for all ages

Crafting and Diy projects are a fun way to get your patient or loved one active, while also promoting creativity and expression. Taking note of crafts that are easy to execute, yet interesting, and appealing to all, I have included some of the ones I liked most in...

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