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October 10th was World Hospice Day. We asked our community how hospice helped them and their families.

This is what they had to say:

Thank You! In a world, fearful of death and dying, hospice caregivers, understand the journey in a way that other healthcare professionals don’t. I am deeply humbled and extremely grateful for all that they do not only for our sick and dying loved ones, but all that they do for us, the family caregivers. If it weren’t for the love, compassion ,wisdom and tenderness of my mother’s hospice team, I would have given up a long time ago! – A. Angeline H.

Hospice was a Godsend to my family…they helped me survive! Thank you to all the special people who work in hospice care. – Karen D.

The hospice aides we had when my grandmother was sick from Cancer where nothing short of angels sent to help my family through the hardest thing we’ve ever been through. They saw us all at our lowest, darkest times and helped us make it to the other side. Thanks to all hospice workers out there, you are truly the angels who walk amongst us. – Melissa T.

Hospice has been a true gift to my family and many other families we know. Special people to help us all through the transitions of life. – Theresa A.

Hospice is a miracle! We had hospice only for 1 afternoon for my Mom and it truly was a blessing for her and for our family. After I retire I would love to do some volunteer hours to give back what I gained. – Ann B.

Hospice has helped my family though all my grandparents deaths. The one that hit me the most was my grandfather and they were tremendous! I got to know one of the hospice angels when my grandmother passed she became one of my grandma’s friend before she passed. Thank you so much to all those that are a part of hospice. – Caitlin C.

Hospice was by my family’s side when my mother died from cancer. They were blessings from above. Thank you for doing what you do everyday to make someone’s life more peaceful and more comfortable as they spend their last days on earth. Thank you for being there for the families. Teresa B.

My mother passed away in 2013 and was under hospice care for 11 months. I am not sure what my husband and I would have done without hospice. – Erin. D.

Love and prayers for all Hospice caregivers! You were truly our families Angels as we cared for my dear mother as she fought cancer and entered Glory. I never dreamed I’d be in that situation and have the privilege of caring for her until her last breath. Thank you! – Brenda B.

Hospice was a blessing in our family when we need it most. – Angelica L.

It takes a special kind of a nurse to do hospice care…Thank you…I will forever be grateful to those nurses who took care of my mom. – Isela C.

The hospice care nurses were such a blessing to our family when my Mother-in-Law grew terminally ill. When she passed Dec. 7th last year, I felt as if I had not only lost her, but our hospice care family. They become a part of us during those trying times. – Lisa D.

The wonderful nurses and volunteers at Hospice were there when Momma and our family needed them. Their care allowed us to give her the only thing she wanted. To be with family the last few weeks.
Thank you. Thank you for helping me keep that last promise. – Dodie G.

Hospice services have saved our family many times in many States. My grandson has been a hospice patient at home for over 3 years. The doctors, nurses, chaplains, are compassionate and selfless. Volunteers and donations are vital. – Pam D.

Thank you to the hospice people that guided our family through the death of my husband. They were a Godsend. – Linda G.

Thank you to all the hospice caregivers who have helped us through the pain and apprehension as we watched our loved ones going “home”. I can never thank you enough for the kindness and care that you have shown not only for my Mom but for us as we stood watch over her. – Peg W.

Hospice was such a blessing for our family. They truly are angels ????. Without them our unbearable journey would have been so much worse and i love that they follow the family for 18 months after a loved one’s death. – Dawn B.

Two times, my dear Mom and Dad, and I will never be able to thank Hospice enough. Caring and compassion when my family needed it most! – Karen M.

At first I was so upset and so reluctant to have them. I could not accept that my Mom was passing. I took her to the hospital the first time I had them and dropped them. She just got so sick and she wanted to go to the hospital so I took her. We had had hospice for about a month that time but they was so good and helpful. But the second time after she came back home I had them back and they sure was a blessing. My Mom passed away in July of this year of Colon Cancer. Her last couple of days was at the hospice house and it was so nice. They gave her the most beautiful send off. When she passed they put this beautiful quilt on her and they had her fixed so pretty and they let us stay with her as long as we wanted. When they carried her out they played a song of our choice it was so beautiful. The hospice house was beautiful and the workers was all so nice and caring. We had family coming in to visit with us and Mom at 2 am and they never said a word. When my Mom passed they was 35 people there with us. It was all so beautiful. I never could have made it that beautiful for everyone here at my house. Im so glad that I decided to make her last days be there. I will never forget it. – Ann E.

Thank you to those who choose to be hospice caregivers. I was very humbled when my uncle and mother-in-law were cared for by such compassionate teams. So grateful. – Jane P.

I am humbled to be a part of the Hospice family. Hospice is about living every moment to the fullest. – Yolanda R.

Hospice workers were absolutely great helping me through the last days of my Mom and my husband. They have complete compassion for the family. They all deserve a halo. – Lou B.

I don’t know how we would have gotten through my Daddy’s last few months without Hospice. It’s been 21 years since Daddy passed. Hospice was there whenever needed anything. These people are truly angels. – Liddie T.

Hospice helped me with the death of my wife. There are wonderful people who volunteer to be there day after day, seeing nothing but death, but make dying easier. They deserve all the praise we can give. – Marty C.

They are my heroes. They took incredible care of my dad in his final days. – Debbie B.

october 10 is world hospice day

You can read more messages about hospice care on our Facebook page.

Written by Cori Carl
As Director, Cori is an active member of the community and regularly creates resources for people providing care.

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  1. My best best friend Joann Caligiuri passed away March 8 I would like too thank Hospice for there support for her family plus they gave support too the staff that day love Lisa geraci


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