6 essential traits of professional caregivers
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Caregiving career is one of the most humane jobs, especially in the Western world. The fundamental reasons being that very old people know less how to care for themselves. Their children might be very busy or engaged bigwigs in town. So, accommodating them might be unworkable and caregivers are the last resort many turn to. Yet, one needs to appreciate the peculiarity of this work. It actually requires a level of character and acumen from those who consider majoring in them.  It requires having people skills. Managing people who are elderly may be quite challenging and at the same time wholly interesting.

When evaluating dependency ratio in most parts of the world, people often classify and consider both children and the old as the dependent class of the population. The reason for this is not far to seek. Aged people are characterized by frail bodies, retarding thought process and other factors may not make them fit enough to cope on their own. Old people are often no longer at the care of their children as the children, now adults, prepare to manage their own families, their businesses and stay up on the career ladder. All these necessitate the more important roles that caregivers play in the society for the elderly. The caregivers demonstrate peculiar capabilities that help them deal effectively with the elderly. However, as we would see here the areas caregivers should be so skilled are often behavioral in nature.


I recall one incident with “Mama Kate”. You know I call all of them either “Mama this” or “Papa that”. I wanted to make some hot coffee for everyone in the house that cold morning and had separated the spoons of powder into everyone’s mug. As I slanted forward to hand everyone their own mugs Papa Fred and Mama Julie were extremely grateful. As I approached “Mama Kate” with her own mug she screamed at me. I was perturbed. She declined the mug saying she would rather have it very cold. “Mama, a hot coffee is the only thing that could keep you warm at this time of the year and day, please have it hot”. Could you believe Mama Kate took offense all through that day? She never took any meal until the next morning. Wow! I had to ensure whenever I prepare coffee I left Mama Kate’s icy cold. She would love it that way! It just behooves me to be more flexible. Your ability to adapt to each of their peculiarities is very needful.


As a result of the fact that some of them are frail and weak they have the likelihood to harbor some sort of inferiority complex. You too may even feel like taking them for granted. They always fear being ignored or dismissed. You may find yourself treating them with contempt if care is not taken. They do not appreciate it if you do not show them respect.  They want you to respect them for the elders that they are. A little depiction of courtesy, sincerely, takes nothing away from anyone. Try and show them some level of respect even if you feel the attitude of some of them do not deserve that. May I tell you that some of them are likely to even respect you the more when you respect them. Respect is reciprocal, as they say. I well remember “Papa Kingsley”, a hefty man of eighty-six years of age before he passed on; he would call me “My mother”. As much as he could when he was alive he respected me so much for my kindly and sacrificial efforts.

Ability to show kindness

How much can you be kind? How much can you be nice? You have got to realize that the career of a caregiver is one towards humanity and as much as possible you really need to be humane. It is, in fact, the hallmark of the career. In my relating with them, I often discover that anything that would truly bless other humans has got to have some level of sacrifice in it. I recall the many times I would have to urgently respond to their midnight cries and even keep a vigil just to be by them. It is really engaging. Your grace at being really kind to these folks is what I regard as the most principal of skills that anyone considering a career as a caregiver would have to possess.


“Do you see this young lady,” Mama Catherine said tersely. “Just help me appreciate her commitment, not to me alone but to everyone around me”, the old Catherine concluded her speech. Sincerely, I knew little that they keep mindful records of my sacrifice. Could you imagine that if she were in a position to hand her grandson, Benny a wife in marriage she would rather recommend me. The woman was always showing me off to her children whenever they came visiting. I sincerely saw no big deal in that because I consider that my responsibility. Before Mama Catherine passed on the children, in the spirit of gratitude for my responsibility, made a commitment to credit me $1000 every month aside my regular salary and allowance. And they kept to it!


You need the skills of a supporter as well. A supporter is always there for you whenever you need them. The work of a caregiver often requires your time. I do not enjoy playing cards but “Papa Young” would always plead with me to join him as the evening sets in. Soon enough he dozes off and I will be free! At other times, “Mama Glarier” desires to have some talk with me. She would share tales of her youthful days. She does not even realize that I am not always interested. She would talk on till she falls asleep. I commend her anyway for her good memory and her precious counsels. 


They often desire that you don’t incessantly criticize whatever they say or do. They expect you to be patient with them and understand them. Whenever “Mama Clinton” writes her poems, she appreciates it if we do so together. She makes good lines and stanzas but her grammar, ouch! I always try to correct that. Yet, she would always insist she attended Rhode Island College and I never argued with her. I always try to understand her. I would simply give her poems to ProEssayWriting for professional editing. They would weed out Mama’s ‘million’ errors! Then I would show “Mama Clinton” her finished poems and she always appreciate it. The key here is nothing else but patience. You need to be patient with old people if you really want to make things work.


The caregiving career is an exciting one. Nursing those elders makes me recall that I too will become old someday, God-willing; and that I should make the best out of my time, youth-wise. As a caregiver, the lifestyle of the aged would interest you! You would learn so many life lessons in your interaction with them. You just need to practice and master these skills to get along

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  1. Marvelous article. It’s circulating around our company, in fact. Technologists and researchers are working day-and-night to help address caregiver stress — a very, very real thing.

    We announced a free caregiver support program this week, funded by the National Institutes of Health, seeking participants. The free program is offered to caregivers living with a person who has received a diagnosis of dementia or mild cognitive impairment. Watch the 2-minute video to learn about this no-cost support system incorporating today’s leading smart home intelligence, devices and mobile app, at https://research.presencefamily.com/ Silicon Valley technology company People Power and researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, developed the system and are standing by to help you.

    Technologists simply MUST be a part of helping caregivers.

    Stay well,


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