My dad had a car accident and I
moved home while he recovers
My sister had cognitive impairments and I
managed her care
My BFF has MS and I
am always going to be there for her
My ex has AIDS and I
go to all of their doctor appointments
My brother has schizophrenia and I
don’t know how to support him
My roommate has chronic fatigue and I
try to be there for her any way I can
My mom has cancer and I
take her to appointments
My girlfriend has celiacs and I
cook healthy meals for us
My wife has POTS and I
do all the housework and childcare
My grandmother was frail and I
helped her stay at home until her death
My brother has a TBI and I
help him every day
My grandfather has ALS and I
moved in with him to help
My mother is on hospice and I
dropped out of school to be with her
My husband has cancer and I
wonder if we’ll ever have kids
My grandson has autism and I
take care of him on Tuesdays
My granddaughter has lyme disease and
she stays with me when she’s too sick for school
My sister has cerebral palsy and I
know she’ll move in with me one day
My uncle has a drug addiction and I
take care of his finances
My fiancee has an undiagnosed condition and I
support us both while we figure things out
My neighbor had her hip replaced and I
run her errands and mow her lawn
My cousin has early onset ALZ and I
visit her three times a week
My significant other has an autoimmune disease and we
take care of each other
My abuela is 96 and I
moved across the country to take care of her
My sister has diabetes and I
stayed with her for six months after her leg was amputated
My daughter has borderline personality disorder and I
help her manage her treatment plan and support her
My dad has dementia and I
have managed his care for 14 years
My husband has degenerative disk disease and I
do everything he used to do around the house
My dad has ESRD and I
use all of my vacation to be with him
My half-sister has lupus and I
moved next door so I can watch her kids
My daughter had cystic fibrosis and I
gave up my career to take care of her
My ex-husband had a stroke and I
feel torn about my role in his care
My mom has COPD and I
worry how I’ll pay for her care
My roommate has Guillain-Barre syndrome and I
help her when her mom can’t

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People approach caregiving as a personal issue. It’s not personal when we all have people who require care in our lives. Chronic illness, terminal illness, disabilities, and frailty are universal issues that require solutions at the level of community and society.

There’s no one type of caregiver.

Most of us don’t even identify with the term “caregiver,” so how do we find support? There’s no one demographic in caregiving, it touches everyone. We need organizations that will give us the support we need in the way we and our loved ones need.

It’s more than being a good friend.

The healthcare industry has shifted more and more of the responsibilities of keeping people alive and safe onto friends and familyand health aids with little training, support, or pay.

Everyone deserves support.

We don’t care how many hours you put in or how long you’ve been doing it. If supporting someone in your life is on your mind every day, you belong here.

This is a space for everyone providing care.

Lots of organizations have rules for who can be a part—or ways to make people like us feel unwelcome.

This is a community of people who aspire to be empathetic, generous, understanding, and patient—to the people we support, to each other, and to ourselves.

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We provide a safe and open space—at no cost—where you can be real about what it’s like to care for someone dealing with a serious disability or illness.

No matter what stage you are in your caregiver journey—whether you currently care for someone, are about to, or did it in the past—you’re welcome here.

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