10 reasons I don’t mind being the family caregiver
caregiver-humor text for those who have mastered the art of laughing while caretaking
  1. “My mom diapered my butt, it’s the least I can do.” — Beth Crandall

  2. “As Elton John said, ‘it’s the circle of life.'”– Rob Adams

  3. “Maybe Grandma will leave me more in the will…? (I’m kidding.)” — Jen Houtz

  4. “I see this as payback for that ‘poo painting’ phase I had when I was two.” — Will Thompson

  5. “I don’t want to get calls about my mamita slapping innocent strangers over the head. At least I’m already used to it.” — Charlotte Sedillo

  6. “Dad held my hair during the stomach flu despite his horrible gag reflex. I’m sure I can handle a sponge bath.” — Rick Franklin

  7. “I certainly didn’t dress myself or change my own diaper when I was little.” — Joyce Mitton

  8. “I peed my grandpa’s bed every summer I visited from about three until six. I think it’s safe to say I owe him some bed changes.” — Daniel Pulliam

  9. “Letting your dad dress himself in gloves and a scarf in the middle of summer seems more fun if done in our own home.” — Linda Bauman

  10. “Because my love is also unconditional.” — Evelyn Grimm


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Written by Liz Imler
As our Community Manager, Liz focuses on The Caregiver Space's daily online happenings. She also works behind the scenes, fixing bugs and making sure the site delivers our members a clean and seamless community experience. Before coming onto The Caregiver Space, Liz served as a Community Manager in the health and finance industries. She holds an MA from New York University and a BA from George Mason University, and splits her time between Virginia and New York. Her passions include writing, music, and travel.

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